Thursday, November 27, 2008


Chancy Rob carving the duck!
Thanksgiving 2008 with Issis, Xander, Stevie, Chancy.
11/27: Happy Thanksgiving!!
What a great day!! Rob and I are most thankful for our little beautiful babies! We give thanks to our good Lord for allowing us to be parents and to have the opportunity to bring up these three amazing babies! Austin, Matthew and Emily will enrich our lives and we give THANKS for that!
We want to give thanks for the hospital and hospital staff where our babies have been for the last 23 days! Our doctors and nurses are top-notch--Thank you, Lord!!!
We want to give thanks for our parents for their unending support!
I want to give thanks for my sister Norma and my sister Ellie for giving me so much love and dedication!
We want give thanks for all our friends! We have been blessed with so many friends all over this great nation and here in Hawaii! They truly feel like family to us!
We want to give thanks for those friends we haven't met but have met electronically through other friends and family! Thanks for the support you give us!
We want to give thanks for our employers and collegues for supporting us and lending us a hand and for them being so understanding!!
So many more things to be thankful for today!!! We truly feel that this is one of the best Thanksgivings ever!!! More thoughts later--we are rushing off to go spend our first Thanksgiving with Austin, Matthew and Emily!! Our FIRST Thanksgiving as a FAMILY!!!

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