Friday, November 7, 2008

Hospital Discharge

11/07: I was discharged from the hospital Friday afternoon, 7 NOV. I was asked if I wanted to stay one more day. It was a hard decision to make. I was actually torn because I wanted to come home but I wanted to stay at the hospital to be close to our little babies!! We decided that I would actually get more rest at home so we decided to go home. We informed the staff and everything was initiated for discharge. Before being discharged many things had to happen. First of all, my doctor removed my staples and explained to us about surgery after care. Our next meeting was with our Lactation specialist, etc. Once all the paperwork was accomplished, we planned on going to the NICU to spend time with the Babies. As we left my hospital room, I started crying. Leaving the hospital turned out to be the hardest thing I had to do!!!
We want to express our gratitude to all! We honestly feel everyone's love all around us! We also feel the power of prayer and the strength of our Good Lord! We want to thank everyone for all the cards that continue to come, for all the flowers and fruit baskets that we received while at the hospital and for all the wonderful balloons, teddy bears and other gifts! Everything is so beautiful and greatly appreciated!!!
We continue to be asked by friends and family what we need. At this time, the babies don't need anything but love and your continued prayers. If you would like to send anything for them, gift cards would be greatly appreciated for diapers!! We anticipate needing many, many diapers!!!

We want to thank Issis for coming to the hospital as fast as she could upon finding out that the babies were coming on Tuesday!! She was there every minute to help calm Rob and to keep post with cell phones and communicating news to everybody!
We also want to thank Christy for taking over the blog while we were at the hospital! I know everyone was anxiously waiting for news and pictures and I appreciate her ability to take over this job!

Updates: Mommy left the hospital weighing 18 lbs less than when she arrived!! YAY!

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