Saturday, November 1, 2008


11/01: Well we made it to November and 30 WEEKS (according to the doctor we are 29 Wks 4 days though)!! It is an amazing feeling!! We had a doctor's appt early this morning. We are coming to 'nitty gritty time' and the doctor's are watching me like a hawk!! My urine test yesterday showed protein and although my BP has been GREAT they have decided to admit me to the hospital!!! He is not sure if I am showing signs of preeclampsia or it's the choleastasis. I am sad, however, I know that it is best for the babies! The doctor's want to be safe!! He has advised me that they will start steroids today to develop the babies lungs! This is just another indication that we are very close!! So, we came home to pack and we will be heading to the hospital in about an hour. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! I am not sure if I am going to have internet at the hospital but I am hoping!!!


Anonymous said...

Prayers on their way. Thank goodness you talk to Christy because I get new about all you very quickly. Nellie, you have done so well and now you are in the home stretch. You and those babies are being well taken care of by the doctors. I know Rob is making sure the doctors stay on top of everything. What a great Dad and husband he is. I will be talking to you sometime soon and waiting for the first pictures of the babies in a few weeks.
Connie VH

Kelly Rivera said...

Prayers are going your way!!! I will be anxiously waiting to hear how you and the babies are doing!!