Monday, November 10, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Austin Santiago Walter, 5 days old

Matthew Robert Walter, 5 days old

Emily Noelani Walter, 5 days old

11/09: Austin, Matthew and Emily are doing GREAT!! We spent 5 hours at the hospital today! We are allowed to hold the babies!! We are also allowed to change diapers! To date I have changed 2 diapers and Rob has changed 3. It is challenging and a bit scary! They are so small and wiggly!!! Today we were able to see their little beautiful faces without their tubes for a few minutes. It was only long enough to take a couple pics!!! Austin, Matthew and Emily are the most beautiful babies in the entire world!!! I am posting one pic of each but Rob has sent out the link to snapfish. The pictures are way too many to post here!!! Daddy goes crazy snapping many pictures!!! I promise to post more updates with more details when I feel better!! I am still hurting and very tired!!! Please continue to pray for us!


Anonymous said...

Nellie can you please send me the link to snap fish when you get a chance. The babies are looking great. Congrats once again. Terry

Anonymous said...

Hurray Nellie and Rob!! I bet Rob is loving taking those pictures. The more the better I say. Nellie take time to rest so you are ready for the babies when they come home. It is great you are getting to hold them. Soon you will get to dress them. What fun is ahead.
Connie VH

Graciela said...

Nellie congratualtions to you and your husband. What a triple blessing. I have just read over your deliver section of the blog. I am sure you have had such an amazing journey. You are such a strong woman. God Bless you and your family. I look forward to seeing and reading more on your blog, once you feel better of course.