Saturday, November 22, 2008

Triplets, 18 Days Old

11/22: The babies are progressing each and every day! Everyone keeps telling us to enjoy the babies while they are babies because it goes so fast and believe me WE BELIEVE!! Austin, Matthew and Emily are growing and changing so much!! The big progress today--all three babies starting nippling! As a reminder, because the babies are only 32 wks 4 days old they do NOT know how to suck, swallow, breath! Isn't it amazing that there is so much to learn at such an early age?! Of course, we do it all in one motion but as babies it is a 3 step process! So, starting to nipple is HUGE!! Leading the pack is Emily she was able to take 3 bottles, Matthew took 1 bottle and Austin took 1/2 a bottle today. This is okay...all babies develop differently and nippling is really hard work!! Before giving them the bottle they were each given time on Mommy's breast to get used to the idea. This was an amazing feeling to have my little ones on me...words can NOT express how joyful I felt! We are proud of our three little ones who are doing so incredibly well. Matthew's breathing episodes are starting to deminish also. Austin still needs assistance regulating his breathing so he is still wearing his canula in his little nose but he is a trooper and advancing well!!
Happy Thoughts: We left the hospital very tired today and quite late and we were very appreciative that we had some food gift cards. I want to take this opportunity to thank Toni Ruiz, Laura Rosales, Yuree Fleetwood, my Lockheed Martin Ohana and Mom and Dad Walter for being so incredibly thoughtful and sending us gift cards for dinner! It was nice to stop and have dinner and then come home to rest! Having friends and family that care so much about every aspect of what is going on in our lives--including us having dinner--is amazing to us! Words can not say how thankful we are to have you all in our lives!
Important Updates:
Austin weighed 3 lbs 12 oz, eating 32 mls every 3 hours
Matthew weighed 3 lbs 11 1/2 oz, eating 32 mls every 3 hours
Emily weighed 3 lbs 14 oz, eating 34 mls every 3 hrs
Dad is doing well keeping our schedule as normal as can be! He gets up every 3 hours with me to put breast milk away and wash pumping supplies. We are trying to keep the every 3 hours schedule to get be used to it for when babies come home! He is still making sure we have a good breakfast every morning and packing us up--to include daily lunches, water, snacks, meds, etc, to take to the hospital. He is also doing all the daily chores of dishes, cooking dinner, etc. I am incredibly blessed! sigh
Mom had a doctor's appt today. I had my steri-stitches taken off today. My OB said the incision has healed extremely well! Although I am still feeling pain and have some swelling she informed us that this is perfectly normal and it may last a few more weeks! I will have another post-op appt in 3 wks (will have to do the 2 hr glucose test then) but overall I got a clean bill of health!!! Oh, and I have lost 29 lbs in 18 days! I have 6 more lbs to lose to be at pre-pregnancy weight and then I will have 15 additional lbs to lose to be at pre-invitro weight! Yay ME!!
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Anonymous said...

Let there be praise! We are so overjoyed to hear the news that Emily, Matthew, and Austin are doing so well! Yeah for Mommy and Daddy too! We will continue flooding the heavens with our prayers.

Lydia was especially happy to hear the babies are learning to nurse and take bottles. She said lots of good food makes them grow healthy and strong.

Blessing to your sweet family!

The Kim's
Calvin, Brenda, & Lydia

Anonymous said...

Those are the best pictures ever. The babies look better each day. I just told one of my preschool moms with twin boys about your triplets and she just had to see pictures. She oohed and ahhhed over how cute they are. So now more prayers are going up for your little ones. What a small world we have with so many pulling for your family. Connie VH

PS I can hardly wait to hear what Christy says about the babies when she sees them for the first time. I know she will adore them and call me immediately. What fun for all of you when the first visit occurs.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Walter family. Your first Thanksgiving with your spanking, brand new, joyous and wonderfully cute family. Whooopppeeee!! What a special day for all of you.
Connie VH