Sunday, November 30, 2008

Triplets, 26 Days Old

Emily with Mommy Time

Matthew Sleeping

Austin with Daddy! Austin had a 2 oz growth spurt! Way to go Austin!

Mom with the Boys! Matthew on left and Austin on right--awake!11/30: This morning I pumped at 7am. Rob got up and took milk downstairs and then came back up and suggested we stay in bed a little bit longer. I agreed as I was feeling tired but no sooner had we gotten comfy again when the phone rang. It was Heather, one of the nurses, asking if we were on our way because they were out of milk! YIKES!!! I panicked! I asked her to please hold off giving Emily formula and that we would be there asap! The time is here that I can not produce enough breast milk! The babies are eating more and that is great because they are growing so I am preparing myself. Tomorrow will probably be the first day that at least one of their feedings will be formula. It is probably a good idea to start just in case one of the babies has an intolerance for formula-silver lining! The babies are doing wonderful!! Austin has much improved and we are happy to see him improving! Matthew and Emily are growing and doing extremely well also! Matthew is quite the showoff--he drank his whole bottle in 6 minutes! They are usually given 20 minutes to drink a bottle. If they don't finish it in 20 minutes, they usually give them the rest through their feeding, Matthew was quite the STAR today! There is nothing better in my day than holding each of my babies! We came home and I took a nap while Rob went to the commissary to buy groceries for the week! He came home and cooked a wonderful beef roast with lovely potatoes and carrots! YUM!
Important Updates:
Austin weighs 4 lbs 4 oz (1926 grams) (He gained 2 oz!! Yay, Austin!)
Matthew weighs 4 lbs 7 oz (2016 grams)
Emily weighs 4 lbs 7 oz (2013 grams)


Anonymous said...

Good Grief!! That breast milk must be full of nutrition. Those babies are really growing. How exciting. I think all the wives around would be ready to hire Rob to shop and cook for them. I know I would. What a special guy you have. So, hang in there. As the babes eat more, perhaps you will miraculously produce enough milk to keep up with them. It is so wonderful how well they are doing.
Connie VH

Anonymous said...

Although it has been a few days since we have sent your sweet little family happy thoughts,we have been checking in on you and praying extra hard.

They are so beautiful and seem to be sprouting like wild flowers. Lydia, who has asthma, is saying extra special prayers for Austin's breathing. She is asking God to put big breaths of air in those little lungs.

As far as the milk... Rest, drink lots of water, listen to recordings of the babies crying when you pump, look at their pictures, elevate your feet and just do the best you can! Extra prayers are going up for the milk production too!

The Kim's
Calvin, Brenda, & Lydia

We promise to continue filling the heavens with our prayers.