Friday, February 26, 2010

We can HELP, DAD!!!

2/26: It's Friday night! Our good friend Aida cooked dinner for us and brought everything over! It was a great meal! Thank You, Aida! I made yummy Chocolate cake for dessert!
We have two gliders that we have used soooo much! I can't imagine how many hours we have rocked babies!! Too many! Rob's glider keeps losing a bolt and a nut. So, every few weeks it comes out and Rob has to fix. Usually, Rob fixes when babies go to sleep. Tonight---he is fixing and guess what?? Everybody wanted to help Daddy! It was so cute. The minute he put the glider on it's side they all walked over to see what was going on! They are very curious!Emily tickling Austin
Emily loves to share imaginary fuzz with us! You have to pretend and put it in your mouth!