Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday

2/19: Happy Aloha Friday! Huge difference today from last Friday! No Snow! We had a good day today! Played and even went to Sam's today! Sam's Club is great because I don't need a stroller there---provided there are two adults. Their shopping carts hold two babies! What a great idea!! We also have 3 of the shopping cart covers that are awesome! If you have a baby you need one of these! Love them! Aida went shopping with us and we even had some of their ice cream as a treat! It has been a long week for us! Rob has been working very long hours. He leaves before 7 and hasn't been getting home until after 7! It's a long day for all of us! Tonight he got home after 8 and we had had such a busy day that Emily and Austin were already in bed! Poor Rob didn't see them all day! Matthew was awake but soon went to sleep too!
PlayingThe boys sharing Dad's rocker! My little Men!
Austin loves pictures!
Okay this is funny! All three love to walk with a blanket over their heads. They wait for me to ask, "where's Emily?" and then they uncover! I think they think their blankets are invisibility cloaks! Too funny!

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