Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Therapy Session

2/20: It's Saturday and unfortunately Rob has to work today! Our Early Intervention Special Instruction Therapy Session is this morning with Kathryn! Kathryn is not only our therapist but in the last (almost) year has become a good friend to all of us! She brought us donuts and donut holes this morning for breakfast! The babies had already had their breakfast so I let them have a donut hole. Emily played with hers and nibbled on it. Austin wouldn't touch it. (he doesn't like sweets!) and Matthew totally loved it!
Matthew with his first donut hole ever!
"What is this?"
In true Matthew fashion...he stuffed the whole thing in his mouth!
Matthew and Emily with their donut holes.
Matthew with flag!
Matthew and Jeremy singing with flags! Austin digging through Kathryn's basket of goodies!
Kathryn singing and dancing with the babies!
Rob got home shortly after 4. The boys were waking up from afternoon nap!
Time with Dad

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