Wednesday, February 24, 2010


2/24: The great debate! blankets and pillows in the crib!? Well, we didn't let them have blankets until a few months ago. We have also decided to do without the bumpers. I don't think we really need them anymore! (and they are a pain to put on after changing sheets!--this I discovered after Rob's last TDY and I had to do it all by myself with very little time...I got frustrated and decided we don't really need these silly bumpers!) Anyway, our friend Lucille lovingly made the babies homemade blankets and baby pillows when I was pregnant! So, we have discussed the pillows several times. Today, I decided to let them try them at morning nap. Short period of time and I am awake. (okay--if you think I am being a bit crazy...I am a first time MOM and EVERYTHING worries me!) Well, when I went in to check on them...the boys had both thrown their pillows into Emily's crib! So, all the pillows ended up with Emily!
Nap Time-I just couldn't help it! I had to take pictures! They look so adorable! sigh!!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing is cuter than sleeping babies. Love it.

Connie VH