Tuesday, February 23, 2010


2/23: I know I take a ton of pictures. I have my camera ready at all times. I don't want to ever forget anything about my babies. The small moments...the moments where you see all 3 cuddling on the couch for no reason at all...as a parent, one doesn't want to forget anything. So, here are more pictures.
Tuesday morning after breakfast. Just cuddling and hanging out on the couch!Austin playing with cups!
Special Instruction Therapy: Kathryn was performing a puppet show!
Discovering Kathryn behind the couch!
Tuesday Afternoon: Reading Time! My little bookworms! They just started really looking at books. Flipping through pages and looking at pictures! All of these books came from my friend Bobbi's little girl, Melanie. She brought all her books to the babies as a gift. Thanks Melanie! They love drumming. (oh boy!)
Right before bedtime! We had another busy but fabulous day! I am so incredibly blessed to be a stay at home MOM! It is the best in the world!

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