Saturday, February 27, 2010

and on the Menu--Ribs and Dirt

2/27: Rob loves to grill! We have not been grilling as often in the last couple months because it's been really cold and I was kind of burned out of ribs, steak and chicken. It's soup & casserole weather, in my opinion! We have been craving baby back ribs so today Rob grilled ribs! We invited our friend Aida (her hubby is in Afghanistan) and her brother Aibek to join us! Her brother attends Troy University and comes home on weekends! The ribs were awesome! So tender and so yummy!!
Aida and her brother Aibek Zebra Races! The boys still love to ride! (especially if they have an audience!)
Emily just chillin' on Elmo! This poor chair gets a beating! We are looking for little chairs for the kids but haven't found anything yet!
The second that Aida walks in the door Emily wants to be with her! Today, she cried when Aida left! Emily loves Aida!!I was cleaning the baby's room and came across this knit hat that my sister gave Emily! They played and played with it! They all wanted to wear it! We thought it was too funny! The boys looked like little fishermen!
The kitchen is somewhat baby-proofed (cabinets locked and plugs covered) but we don't usually let the babies play in the kitchen! Today we let them and oh, boy-we forgot about the potted geraniums by the door that we brought inside so they wouldn't freeze! Yes, Emily and Matthew ate dirt!!
Everybody--Say Cheese!

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