Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mom's Appointment

2/18: Today I had a doctor's appointment on post. My friend Aida volunteered to go with us! Yay! It is so nice to have someone go places with me. She actually hung out with the triplets and with Rob at the px while I went to the clinic (Rob was able to take an hour to help us out!). My appointment was fine and I got back to everybody as soon as I could. Next--we ventured of to the commissary to buy groceries. Once again, I wouldn't be able to do this alone! The babies are more active and they require constant attention so I have done shopping by myself when they were smaller (pushing stroller while pulling shopping cart!!) but it just simply doesn't work anymore unless I am only buying a couple items! Thanks Aida for coming with us and enjoying the ride!!
When we got home we had nap time. The babies were just talking and talking. After 20 minutes I still heard giggles and baby talk so I had to take a shot with my camera. Was trying to 'sneak a peak' at what they were doing. Austin was playing with a toy and Matthew and Emily were just chatting away! "Hey Neighbor!"
Emily had a wet diaper so I changed her and decided to leave her pants off! What a mistake! I was in the kitchen starting dinner when I saw her running around without a diaper! I ran before an accident occured but she was happy as can be without a diaper!

We love to empty our toy bin and play with the big bucket instead of with our toys! This bucket is way cooler than our toys!
We love to scare Mom with our climbing abilities!
Monkey See, Monkey Do! If one does something, it will not be long before everybody is doing the same thing!
Making Silly Faces for Mom!
Emily with her pretty pink chair!
Austin watching Elmo!
Rob has been working late all week! When he gets home it's time to relax and play with the babies! Watching the Olympics this week!
Emily relaxing after a long day!
Boys playing on the couch. I have gotten used to them climbing and playing on the couch and I don't freak out anymore!
It was a long day today but there is no better feeling than holding my babies! They all love to climb on me at the same time! Totally cute! I wish I could bottle this 'feeling'!!

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