Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Triplet Choo Choo

2/3: I am so happy today! After many, many months of searching I have finally found a triplet choo choo! It is in used condition. The company that makes it, STEP2 stop production of this product. They are retooling it and making it better. Well, we don't know when it will be on the market again. The company doesn't know either. (I was calling every other month or so to ask!) So, after searching multiple city craigslist--I finally found one close to us! We had to drive a little over 100 miles to pick it up but oh, so worth it! The Peas are in love with the wagon and we can't wait for warm weather to take it out for walks! The Mom that sold it to us sold it at a fabulous price. That was another problem...because it isn't made anymore--people were selling this at times for over $500! Searching Craigslist paid off!! YAY!

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