Saturday, February 6, 2010

Play House

2/6: This past summer we bought this cute play house. Yes, it is for outdoors but we just can't wait any longer. It gives the babies something to play in and explore! In addition, we just couldn't wait to give up more space in the living room! (sigh) It was a HUGE hit!! We love all love it! Thanks Dad for cleaning it up and making it ready for indoors! We love you!!
Austin in the Play house! Matthew exploring the house! Emily and Matthew
They love the windows!
and the door!
Austin playing with Matthew. This was so cute...Matthew just went and put his head on Austin's lap!
Brotherly Love!
All 3 playing together! They are never far apart!
What to do next.....hmmmmm.....
Welcome, come on in!!!
As you see, Elmo has already made it in the house! Austin

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