Wednesday, February 10, 2010

15 Month Appointment

2/10: Today we had our 15 Month Well Baby Check Up! Hard to believe!! It is amazing! Our friend Aida came to help us with our appt. It is manageable but when you have one adult per baby, it sure does make it much easier!! Thanks Aida!!! Matthew has had a cough and runny nose for a couple of days and last night ran a fever! Lucky for us we had an appt. My poor little one is battling ear infections in both ears. We are on 10 days of antibiotics!! Here are our new stats! Our pediatrician recommends a few more months on formula. We will start whole milk in April!!

Head Circumference: 19.29" = 92%
Weight: 21 lbs 5 oz = 15%
Lenght: 31 " = 50%

Head Circumference: 18.50" = 50%
Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz = 7%
Length: 30.50" = 25%

Head Circumference: 18.50" = 80%
Weight: 21 lbs = 25%
Lenght: 30.75" = 60%

These pics were taken the night before our appt! Boys playing in the choo choo!
When I say "cheese" and point the camera, I always get the goofiest faces!
Favorite Spot for Austin!! He really loves this choo choo!
Matty is not feeling well but he still managed to climb on the recliner and rock!
Everybody in the toy box! They still have to fight for space!!

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