Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

2/12: Happy Aloha Friday!! Nothing ALOHA about it as it is snowing in LA...Lower Alabama!! We heard on the news yesterday that it was going to snow but we were skeptics!! We were proven wrong this morning!!!! It is absolutely white outside and it is 4pm and it is still coming down! Here are a few pics of the snow (it is a rare event!) Fort Rucker shut down early and Rob was able to come home at noon! The babies are enjoying the snow! This morning at breakfast I faced the high chairs facing the windows so they could see the snow!! It really is snowing in Alabama!

From Front Porch

Matty is still feeling a wee bit under the weather this morning!
Emily enjoying snow and her cheerios!
Austin has had a rough last few nights. (Mom and Dad as well!) We just discovered a new tooth and 2 molars coming in for him! Poor little guy!!!
Breakfast this morning facing window! Blueberry waffles, bananas and cheerios!
After Breakfast---The choo choo is still a favorite "hang-out" for the peas!!

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