Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, Gifts and Crib Bedding

10/26: It's Sunday! Every morning Rob asks me what I want for breakfast! This may seem like an innocent question but in reality it's an upsetting one to me! I really can only have certain things for breakfast--protein, less than 20 grams of carbs and more protein! So, basically all I can have is eggs, eggs and more eggs with bacon or sausage and one piece of toast. Rob does a really good job alternating between the bacon, sausage and how he cooks the eggs but eating eggs every day has become difficult and boring!! So, when he asks me what I want for breakfast---I just want to choke him! I know he understands my frustration and I understand that he is doing his job feeding me--so, this morning I snapped---I said to him--"why do you ask me what I want for breakfast?! He knows all this is emotional to me and he simply went downtstairs and fixed me breakfast and he actually found a new way to cook my eggs--he poached them this morning! Is that love or what? He tries so hard to make sure that I don't get bored with my food!!! He is also cooking a roast today and the whole house smells yummy already!!
Today I wanted to include pics of the crib that we have set up with the bedding.
This morning Rob opened the front door and we had a box from Amazon! Yay, we love opening presents!! We had presents from Auntie Chantel in Alaska!! She sent us an assortment of great books and some of them even in Spanish! Also, some lullaby cds!! Thanks Auntie Chantel!!! We love you!!
Auntie Lucille made beautiful blankets that are reversible. The boy blanets are blue/yellow and the girl blanket is pink and purple! She hand made them with lots of love for our little ones and we truly appreciate them. Oh, she also made the pillows! We love you Auntie Cille!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift from your aunt. She picked out great books for the children. It is my favorite thing to buy for babies. Your crib looks wonderful. Hurray Rob!! You are a very special hubby being patient and cooking the wonderful food for Nellie. It will not be long before you have your precious babes.
Connie VH