Thursday, October 2, 2008


10/1: Today we had our OB appt. Normally, this appt seems really boring to me but today I knew that my OB wanted me to do the 1 hour diabetes test and for some reason that made me anxious. Not really sure why because I don't drink soda or eat alot of sweets but my little sister had gestational diabetes with all her 3 kids! So, anyway, the doctor was running late so we went down to the lab to start the glucose test. I had to drink a very sugary-what tasted like TANG- drink. It wasn't that bad but it tasted like pure syrup!!! We were instructed to return in one hour exactly for my blood to be drawn. We returned upstairs and my appt started--my BP is still holding steady and is at 116/68! Wahoo!!! My weight is also holding steady and I am gaining date, I have gained 23 pounds! So, once all the initial testing was done we waited for the doctor. He came in and congratulated me on the BP, the weight, etc. He then listened for heartbeats which is always thrilling to hear. Baby A was 150 beats per minute, Baby B was 140 bpm and Baby C was 156 bpm. All are doing perfectly!!! YAY!!! He then proceeded to measure my belly. This is the first time that it is measured. It measured 34 wks. I asked what this meant and he explained that the body can not tell that there is more than one baby. So, my body thinks that I am actually 34 wks pregnant and not 25 1/2 wks...ahhhhh that explains the "take it easy". He said the uterus believes that I am 34 wks and that is the importance of "take it easy" so that I don't go into pre-term labor!!!! This really makes sense to us now!! So, he said to continue to take it easy and to be back in 2 wks unless there were any issues. So, far we have had no issues and all is still going very well!!! We returned to the lab and had my blood drawn and then came home. The appt was a bit long so when I came home I went straight to bed and took a long nap. I wanted to be rested because my girlfriend Meegan was going to be coming over this evening for a visit!!! Meegan's visit was fun and Rob cooked dinner for us!!! I really am blessed with great friends who come to visit, send cards, email and call!!! You guys are awesome!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I learned something new today. I never knew the reason behind "take it easy" either. Our prayers are with you and Rob. Take care if those little ones.