Saturday, October 18, 2008


10/18: Bring the champagne out--we made it to our second BIG Milestone!!! Okay--I can't have champagne and I am celebrating with a cup of cocoa!!! We are ecstatic beyond belief! We don't want the babies born now but making it to 28 weeks is HUGE. We have also made it without any complications which makes this even sweeter!!! I didn't blog this week because there was nothing to blog about! I spent all week resting. I mean all week! I didn't do anything!!! We had an OB appt yesterday and we once again did wonderful!! My cervix was checked (not so pleasant!!!), my sugar, my urine, my BP, my weight---everything is great according to the doctor who instructed us to keep doing what we are doing! I get the BEST care in the world from ROB!! The babies continue to move like crazy--which is always thrilling to feel and I continue to grow!!! So, we made it to 28 weeks and every week from now on is hugely important as we are in our last trimester!!! YAY!! Our babies will do the bulk of their growing in this last trimester and they should gain as much as 250 grams a week. A brain structure that connects the left and right hemispheres starts forming. Skin and fat thicken to enable babies to keep themselves warm. Surfactant, a soapy chemical that helps lungs absorb oxygen, starts covering lung tissue. The instinct to suck and swallow develops, allowing babies to nurse. Lots of important stuff going on in this 5 star SPA that my belly has become!!!


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray for you Nellie for taking good care of those babes. And cheers for Rob for taking such good care of you so you have no worries. Grow babies, Grow!!
Connie VH

Terelle said...

You are looking good Chica! :)