Sunday, October 5, 2008


10/4: 26 Weeks!! Oh, MY!!! It has been a difficult week...mostly in my head....but I am better now!!! In reality, the diabetes thing is nothing---we will deal with it and get on insulin if we have to...not a big deal!!! I still feel pretty good for being as big as I am. I am more and more tired though. Everything is exhausting to me including something as easy as taking a shower. I have given up drying my legs. They just air dry now...don't bend down to dry them anymore. I save my energy for lotion. My skin gets dry and I really need to do the lotion thing all over my body! Funny the wheel and deals that go on in my head!
SAT NIGHT: I have a date tonight! We were invited to a party. The Rosales family was celebrating their daughter's Quinceanera! It was an opportunity to go do something festive and for me--to get out of the house to something besides a doctor's appt!!! We had a good time-- here are some pics of the night!!
Nellie and Rob
Nellie and Issis Nellie and Toni The Girls Betts Clan: Steve, Issis, Xander, Stevie and Chance

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