Tuesday, October 7, 2008


10/6: This morning we had to meet with the dietician at Kaiser. So, I was expecting the worst and just dreading this appt but we sit down and basically--in a peanut shell (shout out to our friends in Alabama!) they say I have to eat more FAT!!! Imagine that! For the first time in my life they tell me I HAVE to eat sausage and bacon and eggs for breakfast as opposed to my normal breakfast of my shake and fruit and yogurt! Isn't that hilarious?? Fat helps the circulatory system and brain development in the babies and since there is 3--they are not getting enough! So, they changed my diet a bit. I am not allowed to eat cereal, milk, fruit or yogurt in the morning. I can eat it but it has to be later in the day when the sugars are more easily broken down! My breakfast has to be full of protein, fat and a small amount of grains like one slice of wheat toast! They want me to eat lots of fatty beef like rib-eyes. You can imagine that my darling meat-eater husband was fidgeting in his chair with excitement writing and rewriting in his head what his next grocery list was going to look like! He was going to be able to buy "forbidden" items!!! Anyway, overall the dietician believes that with this new change in my diet we will be able to control the sugar levels in my body! Oh, also--I HAVE TO EAT 3 solid meals and 3 snacks a day!!! No excuses!!! Along with testing my sugar levels 4 times a day I have to test my ketones. I do that first thing in the morning and if I have ketones in my urine it means that I didn't eat enough the day before!!! What a way to police me!!! So, Rob has been really good about making sure we are following everything!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like to me you will so busy eating, that the time will pass so quickly and the babies will be here in no time. I have never had a doctor tell me to eat fat. I can imagine how surprising that was.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the fat now. Tell Rob I'll be over for a taste soon.