Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daddy Duties

10/20: The CRIBS and dressers have arrived!!! YAY!!! Rob went to the NEX to pick them up! He came home with a completely loaded truck and spent the next few hours putting one of the cribs together! He only put one crib together at this time because initially we will only be using one crib. Studies have shown that multiples do well in a co-sleep environment because they spent so much time together in utero. They will help regulate each others' sleep and often do better when together, at least for the first few months. Babies are comforted by touching each other and close physical contact calms them.
On a very special note: We would like to thank our parents for their generosity!!! Both of our parents have paid for one crib and one dresser!!! Mom & Dad Walter and Mom & Dad Longoria, thank you so much!!! We truly feel so incredibly blessed!!! ¡A mi Mamá y mi Papá, muchas gracias por comprarnos una de las cunas!


Anonymous said...

Get ready Rob. This is only the beginning of putting things together for the kids. I bet you have a ball! The crib looks great.
Connie VH

Kelly Rivera said...

How exciting!!! The Crib looks GREAT! Keeping the prayers going your way that all continues to go well!