Sunday, October 26, 2008


10/25: WOW! 29 Weeks! Things were rough this week, I am not going to lie!
Eating: I can only eat small amounts and it's hard! I still have no appetite and Rob pretty much has to force me to eat every meal and every snack!!
Sleeping: I still get up once an hour! It is very uncomfortable!! (Belly just too big!)
Walking: Rough--can barely walk a few feet without being out of breath!
Although things were rough this week we are truly blessed that we have made it this far and that the babies are all doing so incredibly well! Thanks for all the prayers that come our way!
SAT FUN: Okay, I can't stay in bed all week! It drives me nuts! So, because I was so very good this week we went to Xander's birthday party! Happy Birthday Xander!!! It was a kiddie party with a Halloween theme and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat birthday cake!! (I stayed on the couch with my feet up the whole time except when we sang Happy Birthday!!) Here are some pics! Make a Wish!My Sweetie!! ¡Que Chulo!I know--not hungry for food but look how anxious I am waiting for cake! :)Friendly Witch? hmmmm....
Halloween Bingo

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