Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OB Visit and Halloween Preparations

10/29: Today we had 2 appts at the clinic-with the diabetic nurse and with OB. I have been testing blood sugar levels 4X/day and although my blood sugars have been doing well, the doctor is anticipating a spike soon. So, our 1st appt was to learn how to do insulin. It was quick and easy. Our next appt started out well. I gained 1 lb in 2 wks. This is really good considering the babies gained 1 1/2 lbs in 2 wks! Funny how that works!! My BP was great! The doctor came in and we listened to heartbeats! All is well--heartbeats sound great!!! Then he measured my belly and my belly is measuring 38 weeks! My body believes I am actually 38 weeks pregnant! CRAZY! Then for some unpleasant news. He said I had a drop of protein in my urine test. He wanted me to retest and do some bloodwork and that if it showed again I would have to be admitted to hospital today! Talk about being unhappy! We went to the lab and did the tests! Fortunately, he didn't call and no hospital---YET but he wants to see me again tomorrow. From now on, I have to see OB TWICE a week! This only means that we are getting really close!!! It's too exciting for words!!!
We made a couple of stops on the way home. We needed another plastic tote for the baby clothes so we stopped at Walmart. Rob was going to run in alone but I had to buy a BD card. Rob's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I realized today that I really needed to get my ducks in a row. I bought my sweetie a BD card. This is actually the first year that Rob has NOT given me a list of 10 things he wants for his BD!!! Of course, his mind is on the babies now.
We also stopped at the commissary to buy our pumpkin and Halloween candy. We had to wait to last minute or Rob would have been the only happy trick or treater!! We are having company over on Halloween. Steve and Issis are coming over to take the kids trick-or-treating here on post and then eating dinner with us and we are expecting our good friends Meegan and Jonathan to join us! We will all be pooling our candy together and doing it all from one location!!! The more the merrier!! Later in the evening, Rob decorated the front porch for Halloween! Here are some pics!!
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Anonymous said...

It looks so funny as I sit in here with the heat on and my fleece coat on to see you guys in shorts. Hope you stay home and do not have to go to the hospital yet. Prayers going up for you and the babes to stay healthy and hearty.
Connie VH