Friday, October 31, 2008

OB APPT take 2 and Rob's BD Present

10/30: We had to return to the doctor today. I was a bit stressed since yesterday's tests were going to determine if I was going to be admitted to hospital today. Needless to say, my BP was a little high (for the first time)AND unfortunately, I had protein in my urine!!! BAD NEWS!! The doctor came in and told us that once again I needed to retest the urine and he would take it from there but to be prepared. I retested and we sat anxiously waiting for the results. About 30-40 minutes later, the doctor came in and said that the lab only found trace so he was going to conduct a pelvic exam (what every woman wants to hear!) to make sure everything was okay. Everything was great and then he listened to our little heartbeats which were also great!! He wants me to do a 24HR urine test for a more detailed exam and I have to return to see him on SAT morning! I also had to go back to the lab for more blood work!! NO hospital tonight! YAY!!! You can not believe how relieved we are!! I did not want to miss Halloween tomorrow! What's funny is that I feel GREAT! I actually have more energy now than I have had in the last few weeks!!!
On a happy note: Rob's birthday is coming up in a few weeks on NOV 11th. Since things are getting critical as you can see from the last 2 days I decided to give him his BD present early. His BD present-- 18 Holes of GOLF at Turtle Bay Resort, Arnold Palmer Course!!! He was ecstatic!!! So, after leaving doctor's office Steve met up with us and they went golfing! (I kept my fingers crossed the whole time at the doctor's office that the golf gift was going to work today--I had spent a few days planning and keeping it a secret from Rob up until today!!!) Happy Birthday Rob!!! Here are some pics!!
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob!! I bet I know what your best gift for your birthday will be. How exciting to 3babies for a gift. Take care.
Connie VH