Saturday, October 11, 2008


10/11 : Another week down!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!??? I have to say that after hearing warnings from my doctors I thought that I would be completely bedridden by this time without the ability to get up BUT I am NOT!!! I still feel great and have energy to do most everything!! The lower back gets achy by the end of the day (lots of belly weight) and I get tired easily but overall once I rest I am still able to function almost normally!! YAY!!! I have been on my "diet" and watching my sugar and carb intake and my blood sugars are doing really well! I don't like poking my fingers 4X a day but it's not too bad! We have readjusted and Rob always makes sure that I have 3 solid meals a day plus 3 snacks. The last snack of the day is usually at 9pm and it's my protein shake--that is a very important snack because it is what feeds the babies throughout the night!!! Speaking of babies--they really like tumbling and pushing!! I feel them all the time and it's amazing to watch my belly...looks like a scene from the movie Tremors!!! Lots and lots of movement!!! Imagine if you will-6 legs, 6 arms, 6 elbows 30 fingers and 30 toes all poking my insides!!! It's thrilling to watch!!! Please continue to keep us in prayers!!!
Ellie finally sent me pictures of Baby Melanie!! She is adorable!! My little sister's last baby!!! She is 8 months old and is just so cute!!! I just had to share!! In the first pic she looks totally serious!! The second picture is on a Friday night ready to go to football game!!! Go Eagles! The last picture is of Meagan and Andrew celebrating Andrew's 8th Birthday at Tia Norma's!!!

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cynthia said...

Hi, greeting from TMC Rm. 2 Cynthia and Norma. We are glad u are dong well. I have heard alot about u and the babies. I am just as excited as Norma. Wish u and your family the best.. Send pics of the babies.