Monday, May 26, 2008


26 May: We have made it to 7 weeks! We are still very cautious! No heavy lifting or doing anything that is strenous! I actually have been too tired to do anything. I still go to work at 5am which means getting out of bed at 430am. I get off work at 230pm and by the time I get home, all I want to do is crawl on the couch with my blanket and take a long nap!! I can't seem to get enough rest....sooooo sleepy and tired ALL the time!!
28 May: Will be applying the last of the estrogen patches! YAY! These patches have left marks all over my belly--not sure if it is the adhesive or the estrogen...either way, not pleasant! I will wear these for 2 days and then I am done, done, done with them!!! Another small step!!!
30 May: We have an appt at Kaiser with Dr. Browing. This is for the consultation to get a referral for the perinatalogist. We did get an ultrasound! YAY!! We love to see our little ones!!!
Also, today, I am very happy! My little sister and her family arrive for their Hawaii vacation!!! We are so excited to have family come visit us!! I sure do hope I have enough energy to do fun stuff with them!!!
About our babies at 7 WKS:
*Elbows form - Again, taking a peek inside you could see your baby's fascination with bending and flexing. *Fingers start to develop - These digits often become your baby's first toy!

*Feet start to appear with tiny notches for the toes - It is fascinating that at less than a half inch, our little ones are already leaving "footprints" on my heart!
*Ears eyes and nose start to appear - Although they may resemble an alien life form, these all "shift" soon enough into a more normal appearance.
*Intestines start to form in the umbilical cord - Did you know that initially the intestines are not formed inside your baby's body?
*Teeth begin to develop under the gums.

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