Saturday, May 3, 2008

to EPT or not to EPT

3 MAY: This past weekend was the most hectic we have ever had. We felt completely overwhelmed! We actually started the weekend FRI night. We decided that we would EPT SAT morning. It's a pretty scary thing. We both agreed that 'maybe' tests get mixed up the lab....before we do any more celebrating we wanted to see proof for ourselves!! We went and purchased the test and anxiously waited until morning. Peeing on a stick is so much fun!
I told Rob that we had 3-5 minutes to wait. So, I set the test on the sink and proceeded to wash my hands. No sooner were my hands wet when the EPT showed PREGNANT!!! Seriously, it took about 3 seconds!!! I yelled out at Rob to come and look!!! :)
We were very happy!!! EPT had validated the results and we had seen it with our own eyes!!!

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