Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

5 MAY: Okay, so we didn't celebrate with coronas and shots of tequila!!!!
Today, we had our second beta test. We are praying that our numbers doubled. Numbers doubling indicate that the embryos are doing very well!!! I went to the lab in the early morning hoping to get the results by noon!!! Dr. Vu's nurse called shortly before 11am to give results! Our numbers had more than doubled!!! I was ecstatic!!! We went from 215 to 770!!! It was hard not to go crazy reading all the websites of which many suggested that such high numbers were an indication of multiple pregnancy!!! The nurse ordered a 3rd Beta test for next Monday. This time I have to go to the Kaiser lab to do the blood test!
During this time, I have had lots of crampling and very painful bloating. I am also on estrogen patches that are actually itchy and uncomfortable. Oh, and don't forget the painful injections I get every day!!!

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