Wednesday, May 21, 2008


21 May: The doctor started saying, "this is Baby see the heartbeat?" the heartbeat was AMAZING. It looks like a flutter.... THEN...he said, "this is Baby B, you see the heartbeat?" and then to our surprise----he continues---- "this is Baby C, you see the heartbeat?" Rob and I looked at each other...I suddenly said the first thing that came to my mind, "are you sure??" the doctor said, "I'm pretty sure BUT I will count them for you again." Which he did...We were in disbelief!!! Shock!!! Speechless!!!!
Not sure what happened next...I guess I got dressed and we left....we carried our little printouts of the babies like little trophies that we wanted everyone to see!
We sat in the truck, not saying anything...I cried a bit...laughed, cried...WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THREE BABIES!!!! THREE!!!

Here are our ultrasound pics. In these photos, the babies appear to be relatively formless. In the middle of each sac, a light round form can be seen. In the live ultrasounds, the heart is visibly beating. Not too much to see but our babies are there!

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