Thursday, May 15, 2008


15 May: We have been soooo excited. Words can not explain!!
This afternoon while I am at work I get a phone call from one of the OB nurses at Kaiser. She called because one of their docs reviewed my blood tests and felt that the numbers were extremely elevated and that there might be reason to be concerned. My heart just started beating so fast.....I tried to remain calm as I explained to the nurse that we had undergone in-vitro and that is why our numbers could be really high. She said she would discuss with the doctor and call me back. I waited on the edge of my seat. In the meantime, I had called Rob who was doing his best to keep me calm. When the nurse called she said that 2 doctors had reviewed the tests and one was concerned and one was not. The one that WAS concerned told her to tell me that he would feel more comfortable if I came in right away to get checked out. So, I said I was on my way. I called Rob and told him to meet me there at the doctor's office. I was trying to remain calm but under the circumstance, it was very difficult.
We arrived there and Rob gave me a hug and tried to reassure me that everything was fine...
Our wait time was very long. The doctor was overbooked. We waited and waited and my anxiety levels rose. We finally got put in room and waited for the doctor. We met the doctor and immediately liked him. He performed an ultrasound....

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