Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leaving Hawaii

My blogging days are limited now! Babies take much of my time! In a good way! I am so happy to be a mom that I relish everything that we have to do with our babies! The last few weeks have been incredibly chaotic! I have not answered email or even returned phone calls because we have been so busy! Let me recap what has transpired.

22 JAN Last PEDS appt for the babies in Hawaii!

23 JAN Last mtg with State Nurse

26-28 JAN MOVERS! OMG - I can not tell you how good our movers were! They were so patient and understanding! They let us keep our bed and baby stuff until the last moment! A BIG MAHALO to one of the best friends a gal can have---MEEGAN! She was with me the entire three days helping me with babies! She changed so many diapers and got spit up countless times! She is a real trooper and those three days would have been traumatic for me if not for MEEGAN! I love you, my friend!!!
Our house in Hawaii! We will miss this house as this is the first home our Peas had!

29 JAN - 10 FEB Move in with Issis! WE are so incredibly blessed with good friends! We stayed with Issis and the kids for a few days! This was really hard because the babies were having a difficult time with the transition. They cried alot and we kept Issis and her kids up many times. Thank you, my friend, for opening your home to all of us!! I know this was not easy!! This was the first time the babies were out of their comfort zone!

10 FEB We flew my little sister to Hawaii to help us fly with the babies! She arrived and was our first family member to meet the Peas!! Ellie-thank you for always having such a giving heart and always saying yes! Traveling would have been 10X more difficult if we had not had you with us! For the first time since our babies came home from the hospital, I got more than 4 hours sleep! Ellie just took over and let me catch up on some much needed sleep! I get tears in my eyes thinking back how tired I was when she arrived and what a breath of fresh air she came with!! I love you my sister!! The last 3 days in Hawaii were alot of fun because we did lots of shopping with Ellie! We ate and shopped and changed lots of diapers in between!
Ellie meets Austin, Matthew and Emily for the first time!Ellie's first diaper change! Yes, it was a poopie diaper!!Hangin' out with Babies!!!
10 FEB - 13 FEB HILTON Hawaiian Village -The last three days in Hawaii we spent at the Hilton! Oh, what fun! This hotel is so beautiful!!! After sleeping on an air mattress for weeks this bed was like a marshmallow!!! This was a real treat! This was our view from our balcony!
We will MISS Hawaii very much! This was our last sunset in Hawaii and we felt a little sad. We have such amazing memories here and Hawaii will always have an amazing place in our hearts! We had our beautiful babies here and feel so blessed that we lived three wonderful years in this beautiful state!!!

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