Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bellows Beach

Austin with Auntie Meegan 1/17: So, Rob and I had a crazy idea! "Let's pack up the kids and go spend one last night in a cabin on Bellows Beach". Bellows is our favorite beach and you are able to rent a cabin for $80 a night so we wanted to do one last trip! OMG--there is so much to pack with three babies!! So, maybe this wasn't our brightest idea! The beach was beautiful but it was cold! We have had unseasonably cold weather here in Hawaii! We invited Issis and the kids to go with us. Rob and Stevie and Xander spent about 15 minutes in the water before giving up because it really was cold!! This was a trial run on packing for the kids. Well, we didn't forget anything except stuff for us. I forgot to bring my toiletries--I had a toothbrush but nothing else! It truly is amazing that you really forget about yourself and only worry about babies! The one great thing about this weekend was that on Sunday morning before checking out Meegan brought us Banana Pancakes with MacNut sauce! YUMMY! Thanks Meegan, you are awesome! We enjoyed the pancakes soooo very much and thanks for helping with a feeding this morning!

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