Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Term Babies

1/13: Today we have reached 40 weeks which means that if we had had 1 baby, we would be due today!! So, our babies are now term! What a great feeling to know that our babies are doing so well! In real life, our babies are 10 WEEKS Today!! Amazing how fast time is going!! I have not blogged in a while. You can NOT imagine how BUSY life is! I can not express what an amazing ride we are in!! Life is busy, complicated and exhausting BUT it is also exhilirating and full of sheer happiness!! Nothing could have prepared us for what we face every day!! We have lots going on every single day! Actually, life has gotten more complicated...It is OFFICIAL, we are MOVING! We are leaving Hawaii next month! It is a crazy busy time in our lives at this time but we know that this is the right move for us right now!!

Baby Updates: Today we hade an appointement with our Nutritionist, Robyn. The babies are doing AMAZING!! Their growth is stunning!!

Austin weighs 7 lbs 2.3 oz and is 19.45 inches long
Matthew weighs 8 lbs 7.3 oz and is 20.28 inches long
Emily weighs 7 lbs 13.8 oz and is 19.57 inches long

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