Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Truck goes Bye-bye

Meegan & Jonathan with AustinJonathan with Emily

1/14: State nurse, Brooke, visited us today! The exam was wonderful! Every time we meet with her we learn very much! This is for the early intervention program. All premature babies qualify for state funded programs that focus on early intervention for the babies. If any kind of therapy is needed, it is provided. Auntie Meegan was here today helping us out with a few feeding shifts! She is wonderful with the babies and loves to hold and cuddle them!! Actually, Meegan was helping us out two-fold. She went to pick Rob up at Sand Island. Our truck shipped today! It is amazing how fast everything is going! The truck is gone and believe it or not, all 3 car seats fit in our Honda! We were pleasantly surprised!! Jonathan met her out here and we enjoyed having two extra set of hands for feedings!!!

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