Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wheel of Fortune

8/19: As I mentioned yesterday, Tiffiny is visiting! I didn't mention that she is here because she has an audition with Wheel of Fortune! BUT WAIT, there's more!!! She has an audition for Best Friend's Week and she has asked me to go play WHEEL with her!! So exciting!!! So, auditions were today!!! Audition was scheduled for 1pm so we got up early and she had designed an iron on to put on a shirt for me!! So, CUTE!!! It says, Sometimes when you pray for a miracle, you get THREE!--and it has 3 little sets of footprints, two in blue and one in pink!! The shirt turned out great!!! The first audition was so crazy and fun!!! We made it to the second audition which was also as exciting as the first!! We don't know if we made it to the show and will not find out until next FRI but either way, we had a ton of fun!!! I can't believe that I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune!!! Soooo cool!!!! What a twist on this week!! Say a little prayer for us we would really like to make it on the show!!! (we need a mini van!!!) Tiffiny--thanks for inviting me and for sharing this awesome experience with me!!!

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