Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

A Person's a Person, no matter how small!"
from Horton Hears a Who, Dr. Seuss

THREE PEAS IN A POD!!! All three together. As you can see (hopefully) Baby Girl is on top crowding the boys!!! So cute!! The images are small BUT if you click on the ultrasound picture it will enlarge it and bring up as a whole page!!! You have to do this for each picture!!! Baby A and B, the boys both weigh 8 oz and Baby C, our girl weighs 9 oz!!
Aqui estan los tres bebes juntos. El bebe que esta arriba es la nina!
Baby Boy A-being quite shy today!! Doc was able to only take a couple shots of him!

Baby Boy B, Image 1---Baby B was very alert and ready for snapshots!!! Baby A was quite shy yesterday!!
Baby Boy B, Image 2
Baby Boy B, Image 3
Baby GIRL C weighs 9 oz!!! Baby Girl was very active just like Baby B! She was waving!!! It is so amazing to see this movement!!! The doctor was so cute--he says..."look, she's waving at Mommy!!"
8/12: This afternoon I went to our first perinatologist appointment without Rob! It was actually kind of sad to be there without him...I am usually a wreck for my appointments and don't really pay much attention. Even though we have been to see him at least a half dozen times, I got lost. The office is on the second floor of the hospital and I went to the 4th floor. Don't ask me why!! Both the doctor and nurse were surpised that Rob wasn't with me!!! I explained that he was in CA!!!
The exam started routinely...with lots of warm jelly applied to the belly!! I had been anxious all day about seeing our peas!!! The doctor started off by saying, "hmmm, excellent, perfect....beautiful!!!" He said that everything looked amazing!!! I was so happy!!! I got to see the babies moving and waving at me!!! So cool...I simply wanted to cry because Rob was missing it!!! So, we definetely have 2 boys and a girl!! I was able to see the "boy" markings on Baby A and Baby B who by the way, weigh exactly the same. They both weigh 8 ounces!!! Our girl, weighs an amazing 9 ounces!!! Yay, she is ahead!! She is not going to let the boys get ahead!!! She had a perfect wave to the audience!!! So, he said to continue doing what I am doing...continue with a protein shake every day, drink lots of water and get lots of rest!!!
I am so happy!! Words can not express how grateful I am for these three amazing blessings!!!
I think we will be ordering our cribs later this week!!!
Oh, I only have 7 work days left!!!


Connie and Vern VH said...

Hurray Nellie! Good going new mom!You are so blessed to have husband who wants to be there for each and every moment of this pregnancy. I am praying for your three peas and for both of you.
Connie VH

chantelej said...

OH MY GOODNESS NELLITA!!!! Love the pic of you at 18 weeks...still surreal :) BESOS!!! Chantel