Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Surviving my First Week at Home

8/25: So, Monday was the first day at home. I am so used to getting up at 415am that I actually woke up without my alarm clock. I turned tv on and checked email. Issis came by at 8am and we hung out until 1230 when it was time to go pick Xander up at school. Really good to have them around!!! I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on reruns of King of Queens and Seinfeld! What great fun!!! Later in the evening, my friend Toni picked me up for the annual Hui Wahine sign up. The Hui is an organization whose primary goal is raising money for scholarship programs for our youth. It also strives to provide many activites for military spouses. We had fun and enjoyed a bit of shopping!!! Anyway, thanks to Issis and Toni I made it through my first day at home! IHealthwise I feel great. I get very tired very easily! So, I usually have to scope out a place to sit when I am out because I know it will not be long before I have to sit down and rest. (I only checked into the office once!!)
8/26: Tuesday was a bit boring. The most exciting part of my day was going to the mailboxes!! I got 2 boxes--goodies from Norma and my mom! Norma sent me great maternity shirts and shorts and lots of baby clothes!! Unfortunately, Rob called and he will not be returning on Sunday after all!! He will be back next Tuesday. I'm sad but it's just a few more days!! Oh, I take about 2 naps a day now!! I just doze off in the middle of shows.
8/27: Wednesday was a little more of yesterday...
8/28: Thursday started quite early...I can't stay in bed very long. I got up and cooked breakfast and sat up in bed watching morning news. (also waiting for my morning call from Rob!) Issis came over and we went to the Hui Thrift shop. We went to the commissary after that and bought a few essentials like milk and yogurt. After shopping, we went home and tried to figure out if we knew each other 10 0r 11 years and we talked about the crazy times in Germany! We really are blessed to have such a great friendship through the good and bad that we both have experienced!!! THURS evening Allie and Mason came to visit! This is another friendship that I made while Rob was deployed to Iraq. Allie lives around the corner and she came by to chat! It truly is nice to have great friends that care about me and the peas!!
8/29: Aloha Friday!! Very relaxing day! The most strenous activity was going to mailbox! :) Oh, I did have to go through all the junk mail of the past 3 wks and shred all the junk!! One of my most dreaded things to do!!! I survived my first week at home!!!

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