Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rob leaves to NTC

8/2: Today Rob left to NTC! I am deeply saddened! :(
My morning started at 1:45AM. I volunteered to get up and make my sweetie breakfast tacos. I made him bacon, egg and cheese tacos. Rob loves bacon but I never let him eat it! I know, I'm evil!!! He packed up all his gear in my car and we left at 2:45am. We stopped in the arms room first and then to the final destination. I stayed with him until shortly past 4am. I was simply so sad to see him go. I know it's only for a month but bear with me, I am a bit more emotional than is my normal state!!! I went home and went back to bed.
I woke up shortly before 8am. I had to get ready for my OB appt. This is the first appt that Rob has not participated in---even the nurse was surprised that he wasn't with me.
Appt went very well!!! Not too much to tell. They simply took stats and made me pee in a cup and then sent me on my happy way!
After my appt I went to visit my friend Cille whose husband also left to NTC today. We visited for a while and then I came an empty house....snif, snif
This picture was taken right before leaving the house!

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