Saturday, August 16, 2008


8/16: Boy, this was a rough week!! My blood pressure has been low which makes me very tired!! I am exhausted every single day!!! I also started training my temp who will be performing my duties at work during my absence. So, it was a rough week all together!!! Despite the fact that I fought my doctor a little bit on staying home at 20 weeks, I am very happy that I only have a few more days of work! I actually don't think I could work much longer!!! Nine hour days are becoming quite a challenge!!! BUT, I made it and I feel blessed that the week came to end!!!
Rob is doing well at NTC. It's no picnic---really hot in the desert!!! He will be home soon!!! I miss him very much and can't wait for him to be home!!!
Well, I think my belly has grown tremendously this week!!! It feels much heavier!!! I did gain one pound!!! These babies are taking every bit of nutrition I put in my body!!! Makes us very happy that our babies are growing so well!!! So, same drill with the picture. I put on the same shirt so you can actually see the belly getting bigger and you don't think it's the 'shirt'.
I am having a nice Saturday!! I rested all morning...lounged in bed with the laptop! I also met my friend Arian for lunch! We had a really nice lunch. It was nice to get out of the house!!!

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