Sunday, May 17, 2009

Housewarming Party

5/17: It looks like 95% of our boxes are unpacked. Yes, we still have some boxes in the garage but they are non-essential items that will remain in boxes until we have time to deal with them! So, we invited friends to come and join us in celebrating our new house and our new family! We had a great time! Rob smoked a boston butt for 12 hours (he got up at 2am to start smoking it!) It was delicious!! I married a great cook! He also made his delicious bbq ribs!! We enjoyed seeing everyone!
Laura and Emily Baby Isabella
Shannon with Sarah
Mom with Austin (Dad smiling in background)
Laura with Emily, Mom with Austin and Christy with Matthew
I think Emily made a new friend! We love Laura!!
Baby Andor
Guys hanging out outside!
Time to eat!


Anonymous said...

All the babies and bigger kids are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

OK, getting up at 2 a.m. to bbq for your friends is true dedication and love for those friends. Awesome Rob!!
Connie VH

PS The first comment was also mine.