Monday, May 11, 2009

First ER Visit

5/11: Austin had a temp all weekend. He got 6 month shots on Friday. He was the only one that developed syptoms! Poor little guy just felt awful all weekend long. I held and loved on him as much as I could. He slept in our room so we could monitor him all night! On Monday afternoon, he seemed quite blotchy and upon inspection he looked like he had a rash or hives. So, Rob called advise nurse who told him to go to ER quickly. He did while I stayed home and got Emily and Matthew ready for bed and waited for our good friend Christy to arrive. She watched babies while I went to hospital to meet up with Rob and baby Austin. As it turned out, the pediatrician on duty said it was a simple viral infection and prescribed benadryl. After only one dose, Austin was much better. Our first ER visit!! Thanks Christy for coming to help us!!!

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Anonymous said...

I was so happy to hear it was nothing worse! Glad Christy could help.