Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alabama Rain

5/24: WE have had lots of rain! I forgot how much it rains here! The first few days of rain were great because it was nice and cool but now the humidity has kicked in and it is really muggy out! On other news, we are doing great! The Peas are adjusting to eating cereal. Every day it's different. Some days Emily does great and loves cereal, other days she spits it out and looks at me like I'm crazy for feeding her cereal. Same goes for the boys! We just take one day at a time - yes, Norma we can't do two!
Routine: Our routine is slowly becoming more permanent. We know that we nap in the morning, at noon and mid-afternoon. Naps are not long but are welcomed! Our night time routine has not changed much. Remember, although the babies are 28 weeks it is like they are 18 weeks so we are still getting up every 3-4 hours! Some nights are better than others! Some nights we are zombies warming up bottles and hoping that the Peas go back to sleep....which they do. Months ago it would take us almost 2 hours to feed three babies and now it takes us about 18-20 minutes! It's great! The Peas are all early risers! They are usually up by 5 am!!!

On an average day we change about 25 - 28 diapers!
On an average day we make about 72 to 85 ounces of formula!
On an average day we give about 350 to 500 kisses!
On an average day we rock about 8 to 10 hours!
On an average day we use about 6 to 10 bibs!
On an average day we watch Baby Einstein 2 to 3 hours! (sometimes it's Elmo!!)
On an average day I thank God at least a dozen times for my little Peas!

Milestones: We are reaching our milestones! It is awesome when one of the babies does something new! Today, Emily rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time!! Yay! It seems that she is always first to reach a milestone and brothers are sure to follow in the next day or two!!!

Mommy News: I am down to pumping only once a day for about 10 minutes. It's starting to end! Although I am thankful that I was able to do it for this long and my beautiful Peas got my breastmilk for so long there is something sad about it ending.

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