Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cereal Time

5/19: Today the Peas are 28 weeks! Wow! Where does time go? Everybody says enjoy the babies because they grow up so fast and it is so true. It seems just yesterday my precious babies were in the NICU weighing only 3 lbs! Everyday that goes by I feel so incredibly blessed that our good Lord answered our prayers!
The Peas are 28 weeks old (chronological) however their corrected age is 4 months. Meaning if we had one baby and the baby was born on time---our baby would be 4 months. So, although the Peas are 6 1/2 months old we have not been able to start them on cereal UNTIL today!! YAY! We have been looking forward to this adventure.
DAY 1: Peas had no clue what to do! All 3 kept spitting it out! We might not be ready for cereal. We will try again tomorrow!
The Lineup! Austin, Emily & Matthew
You want me to eat WHAT?!What is this stuff?DAY 2: Girls RULE!! Emily figured out what to do! That's my girl! We had about 2 tablespoons of cereal!
DAY 3: Matthew is starting to catch on. Austin is totally having fun playing with it between his fingers and blowing it out!
DAY 4: Austin is trying but not really eating he is enjoying making bubbles with his cereal! So cute!
After our first adventure with cereal we all needed a bath!On other news, we are seeing our babies grow and thrive everyday! The Peas love tummy time, we love to be read to, we love Baby Einstein and love for Mom and Dad to hold and love on us!
Mom with MatthewDad with Austin Emily loving tummy time!Yesterday Matthew was taking a nap on one of the vibrating chairs. I didn't strap him in and when I returned he had totally slipped off and all that was left was his little head on the chair. It was so cute and funny at the same time!
Matthew napping with our favorite turtle. We only have one of these and all three babies LOVE the turtle!
Watching Baby Einstein
Emily with her Pooh blankie

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Anonymous said...

Rob and Nellie, those pictures are all so adorable. So, should we go on a Turtle Hunt for 2 more? Who makes them?
Connie VH