Friday, March 5, 2010

Sporting New Hats and other stuff

3/5: I think I have mentioned that the babies LOVE to wear hats! I finally made it to the baby store last night and found caps for the boys. I couldn't find a girly cap for Emily so I got her a floppy hat! The boys got caps!
Emily with her new floppy hat! Austin also in picture! Matthew with his new "Heartbreaker" cap!
We like hats!
The babies are ALL climbing everything! It is making me crazy worried! I can't take my eye off for a second! Today, Austin climbed the gate and I found him under my desk playing with paper! Later, we found Matthew on the toy box!! We need to baby proof again!!
Our Choo Choo came without seatbelts so I ordered replacement seatbelts from Step2! They arrived today and Dad is hard at work securing them! Great Job, DAD!
The finished product! Now, we will ride safely buckled in our seats!
I had a very busy day today! Taking care of three babies plus laundry, made pasta salad and blueberry muffins for tomorrow, watered all indoor plants, rescued babies from each other! (Every toy somebody else has is inevitably the envy of the other two!) Made potato soup for lunch. Folded yet another load of baby laundry and the list goes on! I didn't feel like making dinner so we ordered pizza for dinner. The babies ate a small bit of it and they loved it! Another first!
Emily inspecting her piece of pizza!
Matthew usually stuffs everything whole in his mouth! So funny!
Austin and his beautiful eyes! (yes, they will need haircuts soon!) Loved the pizza!

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OK,those pizza pictures are the best!

Connie VH