Monday, March 8, 2010

RV There Yet?

3/6: We went camping! We had a great time! I was not sure if we would survive the trip with three 16 month old babies BUT we did and we all had a great experience! The RV is going to be awesome for our family!
Leaving our house! We have happy passengers! We buckled the three car seats to the couch! Worked out great! We had not been on the road but 10 minutes and all were sleeping!AustinMatthewEmilyA few extra passengers! We made it to our camp site! Rob is checking in and I am playing hostess!
We camped at Lake Seminole, Georgia. It was simply beautiful and very peaceful! Out camp site was right by the water! The weather was gorgeous! Lots of sun and blue skies! (It was only about an hour drive from home!)Rob finally goes fishing!Just relaxing! The babies were napping!Afternoon naps!
Relaxing after an afternoon of fishing!
We love our choo choo! It is the BEST purchase we have made! The babies LOVE to ride!
Alligator warning!
let's stay away from the alligators!
Austin totally relaxing on his ride! He is wearing his new cap! So cute!
Playing outside!
Sunday Stroll
Fishing Sunday night! Gross! He caught a super ugly eel.
Going Home! Everybody is so tired!
Dad driving us home!
We were on the road for about 2 minutes and all were asleep!

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