Thursday, March 11, 2010

My 40th Birthday

3/11: Not much to tell! I turned 40! WOW! I have to admit that it was NOT awful! I feel good and I feel young! Maybe it is the fact that I have 3 wee little ones that keep me young!! Gifts--well, I got a beautiful card from my parents with two $20's! Is that symbolic? I think so! I got beautiful cards from friends and my sisters! My friend Aida gave me an amazing Japanese doll. So beautiful! Rob got me a box of crayons! What does it mean? Well, I have always told him that when I was in elementary school I always wanted a BIG box of crayons with a sharpner. You know what I am talking about. Well, my mom never bought us that she always bought exactly what was on the school supply list! So, after all this time, I finally got my BIG box of crayons with a sharpner. Okay, it may be silly but this gift made me cry! The big gift came from my precious babies---a BIG BIG spa package!!! I can't wait to use it!!! Yay!!!Happy Birthday Mommy!!
Musical card from played our wedding song. Ahhhhh
Dressed up for Mommy's Birthday! My Princess!
My friend Aida and my beautiful Japanese doll!

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