Monday, March 29, 2010

Finishing Deck and Playing

3/27: After we got home from the fest, Rob got to work. He finished the lattice last night but he still needed to build the door! He did a great job and now I can go outside with the kids by myself! Rob hard at work!
It is FINALLY finished! It looks beautiful!The babies enjoyed their new freedom!
Emily running!
Matthew running! Love this camera!
There are moments that I watch the babies and just feel that this is surreal! Having babies is just amazing! I am so happy to be a MOM each and every day! I feel so blessed!
I was inside making pasta salad for dinner and Matty fell! He had a bloody lip and a bloody nose! It was terrible!
We always have to multi-task! Dad cooking BBQ chicken and comforting Austin!
What is it about bubbles that are so magical for babies! They love bubbles! Saturday Emily and Austin both said "bubbo"! So cute!!

Matthew enjoyed Dad's BBQ chicken Emily also enjoyed the chicken! End of the DAY! We are all exhausted! We did so much today!!

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