Sunday, January 10, 2010


1/10: I have been trying to post these pictures for a while. These were taken a few days before Austin, Matthew and Emily's FIRST birthday! It is still hard to believe that my little babies are ONE!!!
Today, the babies are gestational 1 year old! That means that if I had had only one baby, my due date would have been January 10, 2009. So, officially---Austin, Matthew and Emily ARE ONE!! YAY!!! IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING JOURNEY THUS FAR! We expect many more challenges but many more days filled with love!!

1. Austin, Matthew and Emily are sleeping through the night!!! It has been such a hard year for us! The last 2 weeks have been amazing! We feel so rested and finally can say that all three babies are sleeping through the night! Thank you LORD!!!
2. Our nap schedules are going very well. I now put babies down for nap at 10am and 3pm. Sometimes they go to sleep right away, sometimes they cry for a while but I try to be strong and let them fall asleep on their own! Emily is my Sleeping Beauty. She is normally the first one to go to sleep and sleeps for over an hour each time! The boys like to play, cry, talk to each other, bite/chew on the crib and finally will fall asleep!
3. With the octagon gone---Emily and Matthew are walking so much better! Emily is walking soooo much now. Matthew is quickly following. Austin is using the baby walker but is quickly gaining confidence and is trying to let go!
Austin, Emily and Matthew
Emily with Dad
Austin and Matthew with Dad
Austin and Matthew! Handsome Boys!!!
AustinMom with Matthew

Dad with MatthewMom with Emily
Austin and Matthew communicating!

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Anonymous said...

These are the most beautiful pictures of all the children and their very happy mom and dad. Love you all.
Connie Van Houten